January 25, 2009

 I’m still high.  Still in a good mood given to me from a friend.  I hope it lasts because it feels so good.  Certainly a diversion from a lot of the stress and frustration I’ve been afflicted with lately. But let’s not go there right now. Lets stay on the cozy couch and enjoy it, shall we?  I’m at the feeding table and eating this happiness up!  >burp<

Assisting this happiness, but ending, I dropped my daughter off at Newark Airport this morning for her 7:something flight to Tampa.  I will miss her.  As I write this, she has already gotten home safely and is on the beach with her family celebrating my son-in-laws birthday.  I know this because she sends me a picture message from her cell of him sitting in shorts on the beach with a glass of wine in his hand and a plate of sushi and shrimp.  She loves to tease me with the warm weather.  I do plan to pop down her way in February sometime depending on my work schedule.

It was a busy week and this weekend brings busy along with it. Getting things done I’ve put aside before the holidays. Plus, I’ve been real busy at work assuming an “effected” partners work load.  You don’t know what a person does until you wear his shoes.  I only hope I can keep the shoes polished. Nonetheless, busy is good. Especially at work these days.



Meleah tagged  The Girl You don’t bring home to Momma  so she in turn tagged me and I promised to follow through with…

The honorees of this award are to:

A) first list 10 honest things about yourself – and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!

B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

1.  I am folically challenged and hate it. Why do you think you never see my picture here.

2. I have more female friends than male friends.

3. I often compare myself with friends and ask “Have I survived or fallen behind?”

4. I do knock down a few too many drinks once in a while.

5. I plan business travel to escape home.

6. I dream of houses. Re-building houses, or finding rooms that no one knew were there. At least twice a week.

7. I often wish I could just start all over.

8. This is wrecking my happy mood.

9. I need my friend. Too much.

10. I’ve never known true love.

Whew, that is HARD!    Maybe I was too honest.  Guess I’m a mess huh.  Well I’m not gonna tag anyone with this, because it was hard for me. But I’m glad I was tagged. Made me look at things in a different perspective. I recomend you do it yourself!  Share back if you please.

So……… where’s my couch.  Ahhh.  While I was writing , yes, another picture arrives via phone technology and here it is:


I replied: It almost looks religous.   She replies, “yeah, it’s a god-damned beautiful day.  get it? religous?”  She Is her fathers daughter and I love her.

I’m going now.

Thanks for reading – I’ll see you soon!



  1. Honestly….when I let myself think like this I get just as sad. It’s too hard to look deep into yourself and your wants and dreams. It’s not healthy to look back with regret. You can ONLY move ahead and do the things you want to do from here forward. I believe in that whole heartedly. You need to make things right today for your future. I mean it.

  2. Beautiful sunset. Wish I were there.

    JRP has a good point. I bet you could put a positive spin on this list if you looked at life from a different perspective. From what I’ve read, you have so much to be proud of.

  3. I appreciate your honesty and the vulnerability you allowed yourself in this post. Thanks.

  4. You rock !!! I loved your answers. Bald guys are so sexy…..when are you men going to realize that. Shave it completely off and grow a Goat !!!!!

  5. I’m not sure If it’s good or bad….but I found myself relating to several of the items you posted in your entry. Hmmmmmm…..

  6. Thank you for participating. Your honest answers were awesome. And I happen to DIGG bald men. The last thee of my boyfriends were all folically challenged.

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