January 22, 2009

Ever have something unexpected just sort of jump out and hit you like a pie in the face?  Hmm, let me think of a better way to say that.   Have you ever had someone share something with you that just amazes you and you become taken?  I was talking to a friend the other day and she said something that touched my heart. It was nice.  Unexpected suprises that put a smile on your face. Like the pretty girl saying “Yes!” to the prom invitation, or hearing someone say she’s “sweet on you”.   This has taken over my thoughts the past couple days. A sweet reminder that nice things do happen and life at time can be a lot of fun.

Life is Good!   Oh, I still have my problems, and things I need to deal with. Don’t we all!  But this distraction has made me happy.  I guess what I’m saying is that we need something to carry us through the tough times. Some use faith. Remember the footsteps in the sand?  Well some sweet thoughts from a friend have me walking on water. Now if I can turn it into wine. Now we have a party!

I went to visit my 92 year old aunt last night. She lives in a nursing home in Staten Island, NYC.  She always wears a big smile when I walk in. “Oh you look so good” she tells me. (every time, she has taste!)  I could walk in sick as a dog in dirty clothes and she’d say it too. I brought both my daughters with me and she was elated.  We stayed a while and talked with her and my cousins. Afterward we went to my cousin’s home and chatted over beers, and coffee.  I guess my aunts “Happy moments” are people coming to visit. Especially those who she doesn’t see regularly. I need to go more. 

So it was a nice night. Seeing my aunt and cousins with my daughters, and a little happy dancing snoopy in my head.

  Girl you don’t bring home to momma – Next post, I promise.

 Thanks for reading!   I’ll see you soon!


  1. Ahhh, yes. Those are good kind of feelings. The kind that make you forget all the other things that weigh on your mind day in and day out.

    I’ll bet your visit made your Aunt’s day. I would imagine she doesn’t get out to see the world much, so visitors are a nice way of bringing it in to see her.

  2. I’m holding you too it…only because this post was so sweet and it’s nice to read that your are happy !

  3. Thanks for the reminder of what our days could or should be. 92 years is a lifetime that should be celebrated. Fortunately she has family that cares. Good for you guys…

  4. Oh this sounds promising!

  5. You’re so right; life is so good. Even with my husband out of a job (shh. the kids don’t know yet.) we know it could be a LOT worse. I really like your perspective on so many things…

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