Crazy Day

January 21, 2009

Man oh man! Today has been a crazy weird day.  I’m a bit overwhelmed at work. (That happens when they let people go and don’t backfill)   While I was working, I recieved calls I wasn’t expecting, visits from people I forgot were coming.. Yikes!   Yet this silly picture from a sweet friend made me smile.012009_11081

My daughter came in last night from Florida on business. We had a nice dinner. She’ll be here all week. (I’m compelled to say, “tip your waitress”.)  Saw the kiddies on web cam.

Snow stopped late last night. Got about 4 more inches of fluffy stuff. Sure, I just washed the car.

See you soon!


  1. Sorry you had such a crazy day. I’ll bet you’re exhausted. Hope you can relax this evening and enjoy time with your daughter. (I LOVE Hoops & YoYo!)

  2. UGH, yikes..I hate days like that…Hope today is better.

  3. It’s great when someone sends you a surprise note. Enjoy your time with your daughter. Sorry about the car. I just washed mine and now we’re expecting rain. Sucks…

  4. Enjoy all that time with your daughter!

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