Five Dollar M&M’s

January 19, 2009

It’s snowing again.  Lightly.  Well enough to fool the motion light on the deck.  That’s ok. It highlights the snow, making it easier to see.

I’m working on three pc’s today as I watch the games. One is an old HP Pavillion, another is a Toshiba Laptop with XP , and the worst is a brand new Lenovo Vista Multimedia laptop.  My friends nephew loaded anti-virus on it and since then it gets stuck in desktop mode with that damned swirly circle going on forever.   The HP I had to reload the operating system because it had so many virus’s on it that it hardly moved. Looked at the history and learned positions I never heard of. The toshiba just needed more ram. That was easy. But this darned Vista machine is making me crazy.  My home PC’s are all XP.  I have a server in my basement. I’m a bit “teckie”, but not enough to be nerdy. Just PC savy, like most of you. I just have lots of toys. 

Now what’s really making me crazy is the Vista machine has a built in ID camera. You can set it up to identify your face instead of a password. Now I am a bit folically challenged, and the drop light over head causes a bit of a glow on my head. So  everytime I reboot, I’m reminded.   


Now Nellie my assistant sits right next to me as I sit on the floor, legs folded under (indian style they used to call it, is this a PC issue?)  me and crouching horribly towards the laptops on the floor. The HDTV is on top of a four foot dresser. So I’m looking at two monitors, and craning to see the Pittsburg game on the TV.   I stood up for a moment to cheer a field goal and when I sat down she was licking the Bass Ale from my glass on the floor.  Guess she feels if she has to sit here and be bored watching me pull what hair is left out, then she needs a drink.

Earlier I had to run out to the local food store to get some “au jus” for my dinner. I made French Dip and had no dip.  As usual when I don’t have a lot of cash in my pocket, there’s someone at the entrance selling candy for some cause.  This guy is standing in the snow, shaking the can.  I give in, “I’ll get you on the way out!” 


So in I go for my au jus. And maybe a six pack ( yes the Bass Nellie drank), some rolls and a tasty looking vanilla cake with strawberry stuff on it.  Brought it to the register. Got some extra cash for my candy and walked to the door.  Well I walk out and he wants $5.00 for a bag of peanut M&Ms.  Well I made the commitment on the way in.  Stupid thing is I never even asked what I was donating for. What’s wrong with me? It could have been for the Humane Society Against Drunk Dogs!  And another thing, I hate chocolate. yes my problem.  Anyway, I gave it to a kid walking out. The kid shows his mother who probably said “A man gave you this? Throw them out” and he did.  Next time I’ll just save that 5 dollar bill and buy a nice lady a drink at Oscar’s tavern.

Oh wow, I see Icons!  I may have solved it. Problem is, I don’t know what I did!?   $#it!

Thanks for stopping by.

Pray for those without jobs.

Pray for warm weather.

Have a great day!



  1. If you have a server in your basement, you are more than just PC savvy like most of us. (I’m not even sure I qualify as savvy. I tried to secure my network and had to “un-secure” it because (I think) the firewall was preventing us accessing the internet.

    I haven’t heard that sitting position called Indian style in a long time. Most people just say cross-legged, I guess. Maybe you should use the term “Native American” style? (I hope Nellie’s not a lightweight. Does she sleep on the bed by chance? Might want to make sure you’ve got a bucket for her – just in case!)

    I would’ve eaten the Peanut M&Ms. The peanut butter ones are good too!

  2. You got robbed !!!! They sell those candies at school for $1.00…. Silly silly man. I sit indian style and refuse to revert to the politically correct 1st grade term “criss-cross applesauce”

  3. Criss-cross applesause! I Live it! LOL

  4. she does sleep on the bed. She acts like a wheel chock. Lay’s right against me. If I roll away she moves in. Almost fell out one time. LOL

  5. save your chocolate for me. I do not discriminate!

  6. LOL “Looked at the history and learned positions I never heard of.” Too funny!

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