Baby It’s Cold Outside…

January 17, 2009

There’s a reason I have that picture of that bar in the Bahamas above this.  Paradise.  Sure isn’t what we have going on here. But you know that already. Holly may not, she’s in Ireland. I’ll have to ask her one day. She has a blog that makes me crack up when I visit.   Stay warm and switch on your fireplaces!

I was chatting with a friend and mentioned fireplaces. As my readers know I have a wood burning fireplace which is an integral part of most evenings. “Relaxing by the fire”.  Maybe it IS a bit more work, some dust, those occasional poofs of smoke that fill the room, but you know what? I love it.  My sons PitBull loves to lay practically on the hearth.  I swear one day a crackle will send a spark and she’ll be yelping!   I tell her every time but she doesn’t listen.  Preparing the wood, occasionally chopping up some kindling.  Hey, it get’s my hiney off the couch. The beach homes I rent have the push button fireplaces, they’re ok.   I hope they don’t make water pictures that spray you and call them pools.  LOL  🙂   Almost like rock climbing on a cruise ship.  What????

I had to drive a bunch of miles recently to a town near Atlantic City.  More inland, this area was so remote for New Jersey. I often think i should post pictures from here as it has its beauty and country also.  Actually my friend has a blog that highlights a lot of New Jersey.  Before my daughter moved to Florida, she took some amazing photographs that to the untrained eye, you’d think it was somewhere in New England, or in the lower appalatians (sp) .  I will add that she has taken some wonderful pictures in the West Coast of Florida.  Guess there’s beauty everywhere if you know where to find it. 

Started writing music again. Will share with you as soon as I have something worth posting.  The idea is having many hearts. The one you gave the first time never comes back, so you had to get another one.   LOL       How sappy.


Well I have a lot more to say but am doing 3 things at once as it is.

Stay warm everyone.

I’m praying for all of you who are out of work.

And for you too.

Have a great weekend if I don’t get to write here.  Think I’m gonna go to the Tavern and have a few to warm me up.  LOL

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!



  1. My fireplace is switched on at the moment. Pumping out some good heat! So do you really expect your son’s pitbull to listen when you warn her about flying embers? I talk to my pets quite often, but also find they are not prone to taking my advice.

    I bet your daughter has taken some beautiful pics. I have a favorite that I took of a cave on Devil’s Island in Lake Superior. The water is so clear and blue in that pic. People see it and think it’s from someplace tropical. They laugh when I admit it’s in Wisconsin.

    Would love to see the music you wrote. Where do you find the time? I have such a hard time writing when there are too many distractions. It’s all I can do to keep up with one blog.

  2. I love the beach scene in your blog. Reminds me of the Caribbean a place I’ve been to a few times. Here on the West Coast in So Cal the weather has been quite warm. Not nearly cold enough for the fireplace yet. But looking forward to relaxing in front of one as well with a nice glass of wine…

    My prayers to those struggling in the job market as well..

  3. Ya know, it’s cold here too. But darn it; just cold and no snow. The sky is gray, making everything look so drab and boring. I really would like to have some snow so I could go out photographing!

    Those folks out of work need our prayers. So many friends and family encountering very challenging times.

    And Circuit City filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Sigh….shaking my head.

    Have a good weekend.

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