I’m Ok, How ’bout You?

January 13, 2009

Scene:  Two quaint small towns.  Peaceful and quiet. Snow blanketing the town, the evergreens coated with white snow, like Jelly donuts with powdered sugar.   Folks strolling about in the still weather.

WHOOSH!   There goes the church!  It’s gone!  What the hell!!!   some people fall down in the mayhem. An evergreen uprooted and whisked away.  WHoosh!  The lighthouse!  My God what is happening!!!  More people fall and more trees uprooted!   The town post lamps go dark and the wires fall to the ground.  Whoosh!  The bait and tackle store, Whoosh!  The market, Whoosh! The little cottage!  More people fall and are gone! 

MEANWHILE in a town not far away.  The lights go dark.  The children on the small skating pond are whisked up like leaves on a windy fall day.  Whoosh!   The church vanishes….

Somewhere not far from there…..  The lights go out. The narrow streets’ inhabitants are suddenly in the dark. The horse drawn carriage stops and the rider’s look out to the distant mayhem…  What is it? Whoosh!  , whoosh, all the sounds of desolation take over these small communities.   Where is our god at a time like this! screams a man watching his family whisked away in what seems like a 4444 mile per hour wind…    Lord, pray for our souls as we are overtaken by this horrible event.  A great force draws the entire area away….. 

Ah, Good!    The living room is done.  I enjoy decorating for the holidays, but don’t care much for the De-Christmassing.  Why is it that all of the stuff never quite goes back into the totes as they came out?  Hi, Nell and I are De-Christmas-ing. The fireplace is warming us up, and we’ve opened some Merlot. Listening to some Brad Paisley music on the stereo.  We’re taking down the holiday decorations. The tree went last weekend. Today the rest of the indoors. We’ll do the lights outdoors another day as the BIG STORM we were told  we were getting by the local news has dropped snow all over the place!   I mean it’s like….. what..3.5″ or so!   GET READY, get your food!     Ok, I’m not climbing the ladder with snow on the ground. Besides, the hardest part of all of this is lugging the totes upstairs and then into the attic.  This chore takes up most of the day.


Ok, so what shall I do? I recieved a replica lamp of the “Major Award” from my daughter this year for Christmas. Is it a Christmas decoration? Or does it go somewhere in the house?  I kept the box it came i njust in case I need to store it away until next year. I have  to be careful as it IS Italian….Fra-g -lay.   Don’t want to break it!   I already have a few casualties. Some broken ornaments, and some broken lights. Some are pretty old. Came from my family. Well at least they aren’t as old as this lightbulb

What will they do when it finally does go dim?  There goes the whole shabang!

I’m a New York GIANTS fan.  I’m in mourning….   LOL  I took a break from cleaning up to watch the game and started cleaning durig the last few minutes.  I actually violated my own rules by having 3 sets on at once with the game.  I was going for the sports bar feel.  Like Oscars’ I guess.

Just a note of appreciation for those who have been reading lately. My blog had over 100 visitors in one day!  I’ve never had that!   (newbie)  My blog influence Jennifer, pointed out that I’m more wrapped up in this lately than she!  This is fun.   I feel like I’ve made some new friends.                                         THANKS

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see YOU soon!





  1. I was gonna say something like “Fly Eagles Fly” but since I like you I won’t. That lamp and your daughter are freaking awesome. I think you should put in your front window. No foolin !

  2. Thanks for being nice… LOL Think I may. You in teh Philly area?

  3. I must be really far behind. I didn’t get the first part of the post. Guess I’ll have to visit the 4444 place to figure it out.

    I hate de-Christmassing. I thought I didn’t put much out this year. There were a lot of things that never got displayed. Yet when it was time to put it all away it seemed neverending.

    I’m a BIG fan of A Christmas Story. My vote is to display the lamp all year long! After all, it’s a major award!

  4. De-Christmassing is my new FAVORITE word.

  5. I love MY LEG LAMP. I leave it up Year Round!

  6. You used up all the glue! On PURPOSE!! LOL

    Hey lets grab that beer and chicken fajita one day. We’re local. J 4 fun.

  7. Sounds like a plan……I’ll skip the fajita though, not big on spicy food. Grilled chicken will do 🙂 Just say when.

  8. Well, I was going to say definitely leave up the lamp, but then it occurred to me that it would be quite special as an annual decoration. Your daugher is a gem, by the way (well, x 2).

    guess you took [out] your village . . .

  9. I love that you love blogging. Thanks for mentioning me as a link. 🙂

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