Two Chihuahua’s and a What?

January 10, 2009

OK. I’m nuts.

I was in a hospital cafeteria back in November. My youngest had some outpatient surgery.  While I was in there I saw a recycle bin that read “Bottles and Can’s”.  I pointed it out to my daughter and clapped my hands two times. I said, “Where’s that from?”   Well?………………………………..

            ok, here’s the answer

My oldest daughter and I are on similar defective wavelengths. Commonly referred to me as, “YOUR daughter”, we have the same warped sense of humor.  She and her family own two chihuahua’s. They are adorable.  Well I think her motherly instinct comes to play here as she dresses them like children. Often, these 2 lil pups show up on my cell phone as picture messages.  And of course now that i want to insert one….  I can’t find it.  I’ll get the 2 dogs and a message that says, “Two Chihuahua’s and a Microphone”. 


Ah here’s one….1225081028

Yes, that IS my “major Award” on the table there.

Well we’re supposed to get some snow this weekend. Looks like a real possibility this time. Augh. The cold doesn’t stop.  Probably a good chance for me to get some chores done around the place. I do need to spend some time looking at a friend’s PC, I was volunteered to look at.  Never tell anyone you can fix PC’s.  OOps.

Enjoy your weekend.  Stay warm. For those South, be cool.

Thanks for reading!



  1. That is ADORABLE

  2. We would love to feature your daughters chi babies at famouschihuahua.com! Please let her know about our chihuahua site!

    Thank you!

    Editor for famouschihauhua.com

  3. Isn’t funny when the kids do something you don’t like they are refered to as “YOUR child.”

    Of course none of them are mine…

  4. You’re not on a defective wavelenth. You just think in song. That’s normal. Isn’t it?

  5. Thanks for the video share…..:)

  6. LMAO – The dog looks like he’s pooping on the remote. Eww, I made the mistake of fixing a boss’ computer, next thing I knew I was the company IT person on top of all my other job duties. It sucked ass.

  7. I had not seen that video/song. I thought you were going to say, “Clap on. Clap off. Clap on, clap off, The Clapper!”

  8. So cute! YOUR daughter sounds like fun too…

    It’s storming here, I’m watching it snow now.

  9. and is your genuine Red Ryer 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle awaiting discovery?

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