It’s Time

January 7, 2009

Well here we are same place, different time.  We’ve all talked about the holidays, which I hope all of you enjoyed. We hear folks around this time talk about resolutions, and things they’ll do/not do this year. Thats all good. Thinking ahead is good. A lot of people do it at a high level. “I’m gonna lose weigh this year, THIS sumer, that bikini is coming out!”  “I’m gonna be more organized!” Good for you. Odds?   eh.  But you know…Thats ok. You’re thinking about it, not ignoring it.  I’ve made resolutions and broke them January 2nd.  This woman at work is a very nice woman. She is part of a project I’m involved in. She makes me crazy! There are times I want to jump over the table and shake her until she makes sense. I have been known to be…vocal about her. Well I’m going to try to be…  um…  accepting.  She still won’t make any sense, but I will look at her as having a handicap. I’ve done that. In my past I have put up with a lot of stressful situations and I have adjusted. People ask how I dealt with it. I say I learned to live with a handicap. I’m going to take this idea and bring it to other situations. 

  I was so inspired by Terri’s blog about the year. I only wish I was as talented a writer as she is.  I feel the same  way she does.  I’m re-evaluating myself from every perspective.  There are some who will see  a difference (I hope) and some I will be the same defective sort I already am. 

Is there any news today, All my friends have gone away,

Have I survived or fallen behind? This keeps going through my mind,

But I can’t Cry.     I can’t cry,  I can’t cry, to you.

If I pleaded for  comfort, There wouldn’t be a long line

It would kill me to see you waving  as you casually walked by…

And I can’t Cry.     I can’t cry,  I can’t cry, to you.

‘Cause I don’t want to lose you too.

What else can be said that hasn’t already been said?

Who else can it be that’s messed up my head?   Oh No.

I think this game is ending, It kills me not to play

I never though much of winning,  There’s nothing else to say.

But I can’t Cry.     I can’t cry,  I can’t cry, to you.


An oldie I wrote years ago. Has a new meaning for me now. Funny how time changes stuff. eh?  It was a call for comfort. Now its a statement how you make your own bed.  Maybe I’ve matured. Nah. Just older and dare i say wiser?  Nah…  Let’s say more experianced. With experiance comes wisdom.  Ok..you talked me into it .. Wiser.




I loved those Bud commercials. I actually have Frankie and Louie singing “take me out to the ballgame ” on my Ipod.   The ferret:” Homhity homhitty how te how”. (buy me some peanuts and crackerjack)   LOL

Well anyway. We’ll see what the new year brings. I’ll either fall like I always do, or become the person I want to be.  Cross your fingers!

Thanks for Reading!


One comment

  1. No matter what happens you can’t completely fail. You’re striving to be better, live more fully and see more clearly. So maybe it doesn’t all happen in one year. So what? The point is your not standing still but pushing yourself to be the person you want to be. That’s what really matters, I think.

    And thank you!

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