Winding Down….

January 3, 2009

Yes the Holiday’s are winding down. Only 1 more day with the kiddies before they head back to WARM, SUNNY, West Coast Florida weather….   This Damned New Jersey weather has made them all sick.  One had bronchitis, the rest got colds. Augh.  Before the past few days, it was flip flopping, warm’ cool, warm, cool. Then it got very cold. (no, not as cold as Minnesota or Wisconsin ) But teens and single digits are COLD for us.  Now its my grand-daughters turn, poor kid.  Hopefully she’ll be well for the ride tomorrow.  She laid on the new dog bed by the fireplace before I flew her to her bed.  They love the fireplace. They will eat something on a paper plate and then say, “Can we throw it in the fire?”  I have a feeling a few clean plates may have been sacrificed.  Or they have me fold up paper airplanes that somehow end up flying into the forest fire.  Anywho, we never got into the city (NYC) to see the tree as we always do because everyone was sick. Too cold to bring sick kids out.  Hopefully next year.   Well they packed up the car today and will set off early tomorrow morning. We will be sad to see them go.  Text with them all the way down. “Where are you?”  A 1200 mile trip on the most boring road on the East Coast. Rt 95.

Took the Christmas tree down today. Unusually early. We cut a fresh tree so we don’t drop needles. Did so this year and I have no idea why it became dry as hell. As I slid it across the great room, it left a trail of needles. By the time I got it on the deck, it was bare.  I cut the bottom again before I put it into the stand. It drank a lot of water for a week, then it just stopped drinking. Never happened like this. Hmmm.


 “I picked the wrong week  to quit drinking”. (the tree)


Speaking of drinking, I have a glass of  Merlot here that had a hole in it…  Be right back.

Ah, there we go.  Well we had quite a few of these between Christmas and now. Will have to detox tomorrow…   yeah right.  My daughter and her husband are quite the viniculturists. They enjoy thier wine.  Bought most of it while they were here.  Nice.   LOL

 Tried to take my schnauzers picture with the new coat, but these damned digital cameras take a half a second to focus, and the dog moves.  When I’m not trying to take the picture, she poses.  I’ll have to keep it on the coffee table ready.

My thoughts on the new year and some inspirations are on thier way.  Wanna spend as much time with the kiddies I can before they leave.  😦

Hope you all are well and ready to start the New Year.





  1. Sorry your whole family got colds. But it still sounds like a nice visit. I can’t wait to see the pic.

  2. There is no such thing as too much good wine. Enjoy it. And ditto on the camera and pets. Drives my nuts that it takes too long to focus…Damn, technology.

  3. It’s hard to have to see them go, isn’t it? Sounds like you had a great time with everyone, even in spite of the illnesses.

    Teens and single digits are COLD. I consider that to be cold here in MN too. Once in a while we dip down below zero, and that’s downright painful. I can’t wait for summer.

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