Good Day… Sunshine!

December 30, 2008

Good Day Sun Shine, Good Day Sunshine….  remember that song by the Beatles?  Click on them to hear it!

It’s a nice day here in the Northeast.  All that crappy, slushy, icy $#it is gone!   Thank god!  Where is Spring!  I hate cold.  I was inspired by a photo on Mrs.4444’s blog somewhere that showed some folks at a beach on Lake Michigan. Ahhhhh!  Warm…….  It’s weird though, I don’t think of a beach on a lake…  Its me. I mean I’ve flown over them many times on my way to Minneapolis where I do business often.  They look like they have beaches.  I guess I’m used to Ocean beaches. I’ll have to try this summer.

Well with all the kiddies here it’s time to be silly. And THAT WE DO.  Having 5 dogs here, once in a while one will let one go. Yes, farts.  My grand daughter (see “What is this blog” page) came over to me and said, “Who busted a grumpy!”   I immediately went hysterical. “Busted a grumpy??”   LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ROTFLMAO …all those IM thingys.  Well that became the saying of the day. Singing bust a grumpy to Christmas tunes, Knock knock, who’s there, bust….  etc.    She heard it from some show on cartoon network.   Bust a Grumpy. I wonder what shows up if i googled it?

Hold on….      (bust a grumpy music…..)  ok  here we go.. ( ididn’t remove the links so’ you’ll lose me if you click. Look afterwards.

Verbs For Passing Wind

boom-boom break the seam break wind buang angin bust a grumpy bust ass butt yodeling chemold clear one’s throat cleft a boofer colon bowlin’ cook eggs
http://www.fart-sounds.net/verbs_for_passing_wind.htm – 16k – CachedSimilar pages

Oh boy! The kids will love this. Remember – to kids, Farts = fun.

Ok lets clean it up a bit. Time for more stupid stuff.  While waiting for a prescription yesterday at the local non-chain pharmacy, I browsed around at the gift section and came across “Personally scented candles”. These were basically the same candle, but in glass cups with assorted womens names on them. 1229082010


Well that may be all good, but look at the one in the middle!   Now if I was buying one for… Charlene, and they didn’t have her name there, I think I would get the one on the left, correct?  

Well I have to take my overweight Schnauzer to the pet store to return the doggie jacket we bought her for Christmas. She a lil too chubby.  Gotta get her a bigger one.  Maybe she’ll pose for a photo after her self esteem is better….

Thanks for stopping by.  See you soon!




  1. Our dog busted a grumpy last night; I’d never actually HEARD him do that, and it was SICK! As for the “personally scented” candles, at first I thought the scents would be “armpit” “feet” or “grumpy!”

    As for the beach in Michigan, it’s near Holland, Michigan, and it is gorgeous when we visit every August. The sand is white, the dunes are gorgeous. However, the water is COLD. 55-70, (depending on which way the wind is blowing.) That doesn’t keep my kids out of it, but they don’t stay in super-long 🙂 Maybe I’ll post some more pics…

  2. Ahhh… good song!

    “Bust a grumpy.” I’ve never heard that phrase but I’d be willing to bet money if I said it in front of my kids, they’d know what it meant. Being kids, they are savvy about all things flatulent.

    Yes, we have some good lake beaches here in the midwest. Check this one out on Lake Superior: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10681433@N00/1097940814/in/set-72157601394567880/

  3. Only a grandpa would find funny in the verbal delights of the the fart process. Looking forward to the puppy photo and the improved self esteem coming forth…

  4. My son has some pretty original names for his farts -tushy tooter is one of my favorite’s along with busted a double s – I want the one that says “It didn’t have your name” That’s great ! Happy New Year

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