Merry Christmas

December 23, 2008

Yes, The good Christian I am.  Not sure if I’ll get time within the next couple days to really sit down and write so I’ll do it now.  ok,  here we go. Drumroll please…..  ta da daaaaaa!




The scene:  Your’s truly sitting on the floor in jeans, a Green Parrot Bar tee shirt, sneakers, grinch socks and a Santa hat.  Bright sun shining in the windows reflected from the icy messy snow outside.  Oh, and a tall bloody mary! 

Well I’m all done with shopping, just finished re-wrapping two of my grandson’s gifts. I bought them pull over sweats from Old Navy.  They all arrived the other night, and the two boys were wearing exactly what I bought.  Go figure. So I had to run out this morning and changed them for these nice argyle sweaters.  Where are those damned gift tags! 

Well it’s really great as my entire family is here, and will be here through New Years Day. So let’s see, that makes….   12 of us.  5 dog’s and a cat.  I went food shopping the other day and spent $590.00 sticking the shelves with stuff. And I haven’t even been to the liquor store yet.  I do need to get more firewood. Will do that later today, drive up the hills (yes we have them in Jersey) and go to this place where I get good seasoned wood.  One of my neighborhood wives shares hers with me and vice versa, so whoever gets it, gets some for the other.  My wise assed son said earlier in the season, “hey, I told you dad is getting friendly with the neighbors, she wants to give him wood!”   LOL  Ok. She’s nice but, not my type.  But it IS nice to have it when I need it. (wood – no safe way to say this).   Other wife needed her furnace lit the other night. Calls at da-fireplace11:00pm and says she hasn’t had heat in 2 days. She said there was a long line of people wuth furnace problems.  So over I went in my night clothes, and fixed the wire on her thermostat. I told her like a parent, “Next time call if you don’t have heat, you’ll get sick”.   Augh my extended family.

Finished up work yesterday. sad to say goodbye to my displaced co-worker. We said we’ll have lunch together in January. I’ll pray for him and others who are out this season.  Let’s stay cheery! Hey, I don’t work until January 5th!

Grandma is downstairs getting the fish ready for tomorrow night. I married into an Italian family and have taken on a lot of the customs. ESPECIALLY the 7 Fishes dinner on Christmas Eve.  $300.00 worth of fish, but its worth every penny. Besides, she feels so special as we help her prepare the dishes, I told her last year that I wanted to learn, so I did last year, and will be frying the shrimp tomorrow.  Hey, if no one learns how to do this, we won’t have it anymore. She taught me how to make homemade pasta earlier this year. I love it.

The snow fell a few days ago, I think if you read this or OT I mentioned it. Well it rained, snowed and whatevered and now we have frozen $#it all over the place. Nearly impossible to clean. It was a chore getting grandma up my hill into the house today. da-tree-2008

Well, I want to wish all of my readers and your families, the most wonderful Christmas you can have. I hope that you are with ones you love and that love grows forever.  Even though its a bad time for a lot of us financially and other things that are happening in our lives, the comfort of family and being loved helps us get through it all, and keeps our spirit alive.

Merry Christmas!

Now speaking of spirits, I think my bloody mary glass has a hole in it.

Yours Truly,

Gordon (aka Oscar)







  1. What a sweet post!
    Thank you.
    Dare I say the Bloody Mary is key?

  2. You went to see the other wife in your night clothes? The neighborhood gossips could have a hey day with that one! 😉

    Sounds like you’ll have a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and carrying on traditions. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas, hope your day is wonderful !

  4. love the fireplace . . . and I’m really sorry about your co-worker

  5. Slightly late in reading this — 😦

    Belated Christmas greetings.

    Did you take the fireplace photo? Nice shot!

  6. Yes I did. and coming from you Sue, That’s a compliment!!! Thanks

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