Jerk of all trades

December 17, 2008

Greetings my fellow monitor squinters!   How are we today?  I’m finding lately that I am spending more time reading all of your blogs and not paying attention to my own.  Probably because your’s are more interesting.  LOL   Some have become mini-novels, novelettes? Mini-series?  I’m getting a sense of belonging to a lot of these blogs and am finding it fun. At first I thought I was just writing stuff for a few friends to read, but I’ve zoomed past that now. I had 122 people read one of my blogs in none day!  Wow.  I must have titled it “Free Beer” or something.  So I just wanted to acknowledge that first today. It all started with my friend Jen at http://jenrinaldiphotography.wordpress.com/ . She’s my friend at work, and she turned me on to her blog.  She helped me start my “OscarsTavern” Blog.      Thanks Again Jen!  You da GORB!

Well we had some snow flurries here today.  Guess we may see some snow after all. There hasn’t been a “White” Christmas here in a while.  Usually a wet Christmas. (Krissmusss) 

My other neighbor came ringing the bell at about 10:30pm last night. I opened the door to see her standing in a coat in her pajamas. I told her to come in.  She explained that her Christmas lights on her house weren’t working , and she smelled something burning in her basement.  I put on my shoes and we walked over to her house.  We went down in her basement and I was sniffing like a hound for a burning smell.  I didn’t really smell much except  by an outlet.  She then said there was a breaker off.  We went and checked it and I reset it only to have it shut off again.  Ok.  I went by the outlet and had her do it again. Bzzzt, click. OK. The electric baseboard heater was shot.  We shut the breaker, disconnected and terminated the heater connection with some wire nuts. We switched the breaker and it worked.  Bad heater we will replace whenever.  But this didn’t fix her lights!  We thought it may be on the same circuit. (shouldn’t be, but these homes are old) I went outside and disconnected the extension she had to her lights from a timer she had. Plugged it directly into the socket and they went on. OK, the time had to be reset. (solid state).  Ok, that was solved. C’mon oi. Have a beer1  Gee..um, twist twist, ok.  So of course inside sat her sister on a new PC they just got. So lets say I also did a PC course and installed some stuff for them, showed them email. Well an hour and 45 minutes later I went back home. Forgetting that I promised my other female neighbor I’d put up her lights for her. Fortunately it rained so I had an excuse.  People joke saying I have two wives on the block.  I’m just a glutton for punichment.  nah, I don’t mind helping.  Specially if they feed me beers!

Well I’m done decorating, half done shopping.  Not bad!  I usually shop the last week!  Thank god for gift cards and the internet!

Hope you all are enjoying the Holiday season!


Thanks for reading!



  1. HA! You’re the guy in the neighborhood that all the women love! You’re very generous to spend that much time helping out at 10:30 at night. I’m usually in bed by then! Course someone could come to my door at 5:00 am and I’d be raring to go.

  2. Damn your too good to be true. I wanna live on your block.

  3. You and Mr.4444 would get along great; always helping neighbors (and having refreshments afterwards 🙂 You’re a good guy 🙂

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