Mmm Mmmm Bad.

December 16, 2008

Pan in from 1000 feet above a suburban NewJersey town, over the frozen pool, into the sliders, to a man sitting at a wicker and glass table… “Oh Hi!, Used the back door I see. Hold on just a second, my mouth is full. Tuna salad sandwich and tomato soup.  Oh, and a Smithwicks ale.”  3 Dogs wander in, the cat runs away.   I’m trying too do my shopping online as much as I can. I’ve done pretty well so far. The stores have been crazy lately. I try to know exactly what I want to get. Then just get it. Nothing else, unless I see something that catches my eye. Otherwise shop or get off the pot.  I bought wrapping paper in January for 99 cents a roll, so I have all I need.  So I’m in good shape.  This gift giving is way over-rated.  Too many people feeling obligated to buy gifts with money they don’t have.  There I go again, being the Grinch!

  Another friend of mine was laid off this week. I feel for him. 3 Kids and a mortgage.  Financial district, NYC. Fat chance there will be something available soon.  Now I have 7 friends out of work. Plus one of my good friends and partner at work has been let go. It is so hard dealing with it lately as I watch him pack up. I have inherited all of his work, so he had to go over all of it with me. I felt miserable.  This is all so sad.  I hope things turn around soon. I think we’ve all had enough of this.  Well the holiday may cheer us up a bit. Trying. I was at the Tavern earlier with the same atmosphere.

This is what I call at the Tavern, an A.D.D. day.  Many thoughts, none connected.

I bought a painting online for a friend. One site it costs $240.00, another it cost $189.00.   Why such difference? I hope its the same quality. Once you frame and mat it it adds up!

Wow no pictures today!   Sorry, I’m kinda out of it today!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. I’m so sorry about your friends’ job losses. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to be getting some direction from the one passing his work on to you. This world is just not fair sometimes.

  2. Sounds like you need a break. Come visit me again (you have before) Put on your laughin’ shoes and visit my site http://www.SandySays1.wordpress.com I’ve placed a story titled “Claus and the Consultant” on the blog for everyone to enjoy.

  3. You’re awesome. I loved this post. We finally got 3 face-cords of wood a few weeks ago and have already burned through one of them. In case you’re interested in comparing, we bought the wood from a nice, old gentleman, who charged us $84 each, and it is very nice oak that burns beautifully (not too fast, lots of heat). (Wisconsin, BTW). Anyway, I also loved reading about your family traditions and the grandmother’s cooking. You are wise to be watching and learning, just as she once did, I’m guessing. I did the same to learn how to make pasties, as well as a “famous” dish my FIL used to make. I’ll never forget the last time he made it; I watched and silently said to myself, “I’m sure glad I wrote this all down, because we’d never be able to duplicate it, and he’s not going to be alive forever. Believe it or not, the next day, he died of a massive, unexpected heart attack. Sorry for the loooong comment! 🙂

  4. P.S. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. long comments welcome!

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