Meppy Chrionnukaza

December 12, 2008

Panning room, zoom in to subject sitting by coffee table: (Humming ” Little Drummer Boy”)  Hmmmm Hm Hmmm Hmmm Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm…  Oh hi!  I didn’t hear you come in. Guess the dogs must be outside chasing the poor chipmunk again. I have that jinglebell thing on the door knob that jingles at a fraction of movement. The dogs walk by and thier tails wing it and I jump up to see who’s here.  I’m siting here with my laptop, a glass of Columbia Crest Merlot, some Pretzle nuggets and Mr. Kitty, going over the Christmas card list. People say I’m crazy but people who used to send me cards, I still send them. I know they aren’t upset with me or whatever. I just understand that people don’t have time or money nowadays to do that. So I can and do. I really don’t hve the time but if I’m watching television or something useless, I’ll multitask and do that too. I still wish them a Happy Holiday – right?  I hear others say, “hey – they didn’t send me one, so take them of the list.”    That defeats the spirit. You’ll drop a dollar in the Salvation army bucket, to people you don’t know, and ignore your friends. LOL  OK, I CAN BE TOO LOGICAL. 


Mr. Kitty.  Yes how original.  Enjoys a dry Merlot while watching his master do his Christmas list. He has been known to step on the keyboard sometimes to get attention.  He IS vocal and will call you to tell you where he is. Or let you know there’s no water “From the cooler” for his dish. Oh yes, no tap water. Poland Springs.

Decorations are done. Will take more pictures. Coming soon.

I was in the “Christmas Tree” store in Staten Island (NYC).  Bored as I was, I was just people watching and looking at all the dumb stuff they sell. Then it hit me. TAKE PICTURES OF DUMB STUFF”   I was gonna put these in the Tavern, but already posted today and forgot. Here’s todays dumb gift!










 First thing I thought of was : “You’ll shoot your eye outLook! it says “a fun way to wake you up on time”  Lemme see.  Buzzzz – ping – whirl – whirl – whirl – clunk”  huh?  The damned thing will be on the floor ready for you to step on before you even hit the alarm.  You then will snap the plastic rotors after cursing the damned thing and it will be useless. I’m doublting it comes with extra rotors, in designer colours!

Gifts – Bah humbug.

I told my son I wanted to see a paid bill, or reciept from something he owes for Christmas. I’m happier knowing he is doing well, then getting my Flying Alarm clock.

 Ok, here’s one for you… I send Hannukah (sp) cards to my jewish friends. One just got married to a Catholic girl (go figure)  So what do I do with cards? Happy Holidays?  How generic.

Thanks for reading!

pull back to fireplace and fade



  1. I send cards to everyone too. I like to send a photo card of the kiddos. This year they were uncooperative during our photo session (middle child refused to smile and oldest child called him a bad name) I got ticked off, called an end to the session and stormed back into the house. Lucky for me, the new thing this year is cards that give you the option to place more than one photo. Found one w/ three spots. Individual pics of the kids. Hope it won’t be too obvious my kids just hate each other.

    You know what that alarm clock says to me? Heart attack on a nightstand. Mark my words. There’ll be a lawsuit.

  2. Love your title! How appropriate.

  3. I really enjoyed the way you welcomed me in this post; the relaxing fire and pic of your kitty cat. Cute. Where I live, I have never met a single Jewish person. Isn’t that funny? I met my first Jewish friends when we lived in upstate NY 15 years ago. I miss that diversity NY offered. (But home is nice, too.)

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