3384 and 3385

December 8, 2008

Ok, the outdoor lights are done. Well I believe so. Unless I come up with more stuff. I’ll probably do the back of the great room outside that opens to the deck. It looks good with the white icicles and the deck lights. But its TOO DAMNED COLD. I’m not Crazy like Terri,  who runs in non-human weather conditions.  If it’s cold out. I stay inside.   So anyway, one of my little trees in front didn’t light. So we, my neice and I, decided the hell with it because its TOO DAMNED COLD. She spent 3 hours ($5.00 each I promised) troubleshooting the reindeers a$$. And finally found the problem. Well found something, it went on.102_3384

So as you can see in this bad photo, (photo bloggers – help) it’s lit up on the lawn.  I had more lights, but its TOO DAMNED COLD! . Maybe if it’s warm this week, but after that- thats all.  I would do the multicolored lights on the 102_33851high roof, but I need someone to hold the ladder and I haven’t bought them yet….   We’ll see. It’s good enough. yes?  I had a supervisor, my son’s dog watched me. She wanted to come out the whole time, but she’d jump up on me while I was on the ladder, and want to play with the lights. She likes plastic stuff. If I ‘d have let her out, I’d have to watch her and I wanted to get done because (Fill in Blank) _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _

My neighbor told me how nice my lights looked and said, ” I have no-one to put them up” (widowed, nice woman I’ve known for >20 years) “Oh, just get ’em and I’ll put them up for ya.” (I am a glutton for punishment and easy) I’ll have to find the warmest day. Her house is much smaller than mine, thats good. She’s become a member of the family – another story – remind me when I say I have nothing to say. 

Oh the indoor decorating is done too. Took me all weekend. Too much stuff, but at least inside with the fireplace going, its not . . (Fill in Blank) _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ !  AND I can watch the football games. Which my GIANTS lost to the Eagles (boo), BUT clinched the NFC East!!!!  I’m a happy fan! More about that at the Tavern.

Watched “Ralphie” as we call “A Christmas Story” late last night. DVD, a glass, ok bottle of wine and the fireplace after being tired from the tree hunt. We’ll talk about that next blog. I’m beat.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hey, I’m not CRAZY! Just too stupid to check the weather BEFORE heading out for a run. Ok… I may be just a little crazy, but I did splurge on the Under Armour today so I’m obviously somewhat sane.

    Your lights are beautiful. And how sweet are you to offer to put up the neighbor’s lights?

  2. LOL…..loved reading about it being “too damn cold” AND I’ll take the bottle of wine over decorating outside any day!!!!

  3. terri- 6 degrees? I guess we’ll call that committment. Good for you! – Thanks

    Sue – There ya go – pass your glass, it’s a Merlot.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Nice Read!!

  5. Oscar – looking good on the lights…you wanna come do mine too? LOL

  6. Believe me the Eagles winning over your Giants was a total fluke. WE SUCK !

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