Decking The Halls

December 4, 2008

Well, I’m about 90% done with the outdoor Christmas lights. It was rainy and cold here and I didn’t want to freeze. The remaining stuff are the Animated Reindeer, (Still missing his “Tail lights”) , the 3 evergreen bushes (fake with built in lights), decorate the small blue spruce tree I planted this summer, and the top roof edge.  Not overdoing it again this year.  Then I focus inside. Going for the Christmas tree this weekend. The trek to Pennsylvania and chop down my own. A true full day’s event.  More about that after this weekend.

Doing all this traditional decorating is a chore. The rewards are great though when you are done. There are over 20 totes of Christmas decorations in my attic. I live in a center hall colonial so that is technically the third floor. Where are most of these trinkets deployed? The first floor.  My thought of being efficient by bringing one box down at a time isn’t working. I’m ending up with a pile of empty boxes in the dining room.  The attic isn’t all that high so I have to crouch as I walk. I usually hit my head at least once per carry. Well it’s exercise. So…. Let’s take the “Living room”, you know, that room that is roped off. The most expensive room furnishing you never use. Ours has french doors closing it off. The room was redone 3 years ago. It still smells new.  That room gets these fiber optic houses laid across the top of the upright piano. (4) Candles in the windows, lights in the windows and each coffee table becomes a winter scene with miniatures on a snow base with little annoying lights. Kinda like HO scale train size.  Oh, let’s not forget the artificial arrangement on the coffee table. Change that for the holly and pinecone thing. The french doors get pine roping with small white lights.  Hmmm did I forget anything?   6 Totes for that room.   This is how crazy it gets.  Oh, did I mention it’s all on timers?… Its stuff we’ve always done. Oh, yes, all the stuff that comes out of the room goes in Boxes till January. I still do it.  My kids like it. But they’re never here to help do it. 

Christmas shows are starting on TV.  My favorite has already run a couple times. ” A Christmas Story“. The one narrated by Jean Shepeard (old NYC Radio personallity and author) I can watch that over and over and never get tired of it.  Rudolph is in HD now!  “Nobody wants a Charlie in the box!”. 

This is “Christmas Sophie 2005”. While I was googling “Chrismas miniatures” this came up. How come we don’t have THIS on our coffee table!  🙂


Deer have been visiting my neighborhood now for the past couple years, They’re building so much here that there’s no place for them to live. I saw a few standing in my front yard right where I put the animated light reindeer. Maybe they were looking for the one with no “Tail-lights”. Maybe they can tell me why its a$$ won’t light up. I may just put it behind the one that DOES work.  No, it’ll drive me crazy. I’ll end up replacing the whole light string. Thats a weekend job.



  1. It’s sure interesting to read the differences in decorations from area to area. We put colored lights out to shine in the palms, clean the pelican nests out of our chimney, and hide the insect repellent from Santa’s view. http://www.SandySays1.wordpress.com

  2. I would love to see your decorations. I try to put a little of something in each room, including the bathrooms. Your living room sounds amazing though. I can only do so much before the cats become a factor.

    A Christmas Story gets funnier every time I watch it. My middle kid used to look just like Ralphie when he was little. The Polar Express keeps growing on me and I just bought the DVD.

  3. Sounds like you really pimp out the crib fro Christmas! Thanks for hanging around World of Weasels. I sure am glad you’re having a good time. I have much more nonsense planned for the near future.

  4. lets not talk about deer…2 ran in front of my car yesterday and scared the heck outta me!

    you’re so craft w/ your decorating – I need to find a man like you one day!

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