Post Turkey Monday

December 1, 2008

I write two blogs. This one and Oscars Tavern. OT as I call it is more silly stuff in an imaginary bar. The folks there are real, but we use different names. Regular commenters, or patrons to the blog become characters. I share stories there that are usually odd, or just what I’m thinking. Some real, some fiction. This blog (CS) is the real me. You’ll see things relate back and forth as it IS my world. Why am I saying this? Because I’m gonna paste something from OT here:

Ok, so you who have been following this blog know that I “appreciate” womans shoes.  I’m not sure how this happened, but I think it all started with Almalee.  She was the shoe fashion queen. So each day I’d look to see what she was wearing and I’d comment. I guess this made me pat attention to womens shoes. – No, I’m not fruity –    Well our dear friend Doxie keeps in touch with us from Dallas. She always shares what happens down there and submitted the following “family” Thanksgiving photos:




Ah, the togetherness of a family at the dinner table celebrating thanks….

I think I have a pair of New Balance similar to those!  I’m liking the carpet.

OK now CS Stuff.

Now I’ve always been one to acknowledge when someone wears something nice. Often I tell my co-workers I like thier outfit, or they look good in what they are wearing, Especially the ladies. I’m told it’s appreciated. So put it out of your mind that I am a shoe freak.  LOL

Well the First part of the holday season is past. Thanksgiving, besides my whining went good, and it was good to see friends and relatives. I used my crutch. (see right) So now it’s the preparation for the holidays. I’m almost finished with the Clark Griswold job. One more string of lights across the top of the house and I think that will do. I had an argument with the illuminated animated reindeer. His ass wouldn’t light up. The whole front and mid section was all lit nice but it stopped just before the backside. I spent a lot of time working on it (maybe this should have been posted in OT) . Fiddle here fiddle there, no “tail lights”. Thats better.  So he’s just sitting in the great room next to the other one which works. I did get creative with some of the sets, performing surgery in light sets that were partially out and piecing them with working sets. But the sets that didn’t work went in the trash. Not sure there’s a way to recycle bad Christmas light sets. Can you?  When I’m done, with the advice of my friend Jen, I’ll take a night photo of it and show you. It’s simple but nice.

Merry Christmas

Read that again.  Listen to yourself say it. What did you say? Was there a “t” in it? Is it me, or doesn’t anyone pronounce the T in Christmas?  Is it supposed to be silent? I listened to some OLD songs from way back and Bing Crosby sings “I’m dreaming of a white chriss mus..” Every pop recording says Chrismus. It’s just something I noticed. Perhaps Anfernee Hardaway knows the answer.  But don’t worry, we know what we mean. I ain’t the best linguist neither!

Working from home today. This is what I do during lunch. Eat and type. Occasionally I drag and drop my lunch. It’s not pretty.


  1. I had just begun to catch on to the OT blog, so I’ll have to get that one added to my daily reads!

    I have a similar reindeer. My nephew was admiring it on Thanksgiving as he went out the front door to go home. I told him it’s name is Randolph the White Lit Reindeer. He seemed to think that was funny. Then again, he’s 7. My kids roll their eyes when I say stuff like that.

    How do you get your text to wrap around your pictures? I think I saw something in a wordpress update once on how to do that. Maybe I should read the important stuff now and then.

    And for me… it’s always been Chris-muss.

  2. i can’t believe you had a collection of shoe photos for the post LOL!

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