Black Friday, The name fits.

November 29, 2008

Well I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving! It was the usual for me. The holiday is always at MY home because they say I have the “most room”. But I think the real reason is we break our butts here to provide a wonderful day and its just great to come, eat, fall asleep on my sofa’s, watch TV and then leave after dessert.  I then look at the mess and say to myself every freaking year. Never again.  Ok, I do it for my children. My daughters help out. Let’s just say the “other” relatives, just use us.  Pre-dinner drinks with cheeses and sliced meats like pepperoni and sopressato (sp?), anti-pasto, Turkey, 2 kinds of stuffing, 2 vegetable casseroles, Mashed and sweet potatos, and much more. Wine flows freely, red – white – whatever. “Have enough?” And I guess if you invite people over, they are NOT required to help out, but hey, when I go somewhere I ask and do help out.   Thus the carving wine. I think I left a comment on Terri Terri about that, LOL.  It’s the wine you drink to calm yourself so you don’t use the carving knife on the guests. Oh, and not to go off subject, but kudos to Rachel Ray for showing me how to just cut out the whole breast section and slice it seperately on a cutting board, making it easier, and allowing each slice to have a ribbon of skin on it. Hey, anything to make it all easier! So anyway, I’m a 3 glass carver. That covered a 20 lb. bird and a 7 lb breast. Oh, AND last years electric knife was giving me electrical shocks as I hit damp meat, or juice, so I threw it out saying I’d buy a new one for this year.     I remembered when I went to look for it. But again, thanks to RR as my regular carving knife with it’s nice, sharp, teeth….  cut through it like butter. So I decided I won’t buy one for Christmas.    Years ago I bought my dad a meat slicer. I went over one day for dinner and he said, “hey, lets try out that slicer”. So we did. I showed him how to use it and he was wailing. After a while he was saying that he could have sworn the meat was cooked well. I asked why. He said, “This meat is so bloody???”.  He never used it again. It’s in my closet now.  Perhaps he used too much carving wine…

 My brother called from Georgia yesterday to send his holiday wishes and we got into a conversation about shopping. He said he was home by himself as his wife was “tenting” at a store in order to be first in line for some amazing discount on Wii stuff. I told him she was crazy. He then mentioned that his shift at Walmart begins at 4:30am to get a $29.00 girls bicycle.  My first thought – How good is a $29 bike, second is he’s crazy too.  Fact –  I saw a pair of slacks in Macy’s a week ago for $49. My friend told me the same pair on sale at 50% off!  Only $45.00!   – what? –  Mark up, sell for the same. When are we all gonna learn. AND did you see in Long Island, NY how a temporary employee was trampled to death at.. You guess it.. WALMART by over 2000 nut case shoppers.  What is wrong with people?   I’ll pay the regular price and shop comfortably and safely before I’ll do any of that crazy stuff. Nothing is worth killing people for. And wait for all those hours?   Not unless there’s a bar nearby and I have a DD.

This was supposed to be short as I’m still cleaning.  Enjoy your day!

Thanks for stopping by… oh, and there’s lot’s of turkey if you want to take some home.

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  1. you’re the best, G!

  2. I took your carving wine suggestion to heart. Only I hadn’t actually bought any wine (which was odd, but no one wanted any after all so it was all good.) I used beer instead. I could feel myself getting ready to start snapping heads off just before the turkey came out of the oven so I found myself a nice cold beer. I think I had a second one down by the time dinner was ready and I was feeling fine!

    I am always amazed too at the lack of help with cleanup. My SIL’s actually offered this year, after most of it was done, so I didn’t take them up on it. My sister knows to just jump in and start doing something. I won’t argue with someone who does that.

    I’m with you. Avoid Black Friday at all costs. We are just being played by the retailers. It’s all a game and I’d rather shop online from the comfort of home or shop when it’s convenient and spend a few extra bucks. I think it’s profoundly sad that an employee was killed all for the sake of saving a few bucks.

    Sorry… I just left a whole post on your post! 😉

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