Watching for 2:57

November 26, 2008

Boy am I glad I took today off. I hardly slept last night because I had something (one) on my mind.  I felt fine most of yesterday and then that headache came back. I made myself dinner (Spaghetti and salad, a true easy dish for a chef with a headache), then just tried to relax.  Isn’t it always the norm that when you just get settled, the phone rings, or the dog needs to go out, or the dog decides that while you just close your eyes for a second, to give you a quick coat of siliva across your nose. And its not that quick dry mix.  Then you get up to wash your face and you see something you forgot to do. You do it and then you take a quick look for email. In our cases, check for comments on our blogs. I have two.  Then it becomes like that old pass around e-mail about A.D.D. and you begin to finish those 20 things you forgot. meanwhile the episode of Law and Order you wanted to see is running. So you quickly tap the red button on the DVR remote and go back to what was it? Oh yeah, the dog is still outside. And what was i babbling about? Oh yeah, relaxing….

I think my dog, a miniature schnauzer, blames me for her….”farts”.  Usually it is said that we blame the dog, but in this house, she blames me.  She is attached to me as is our cat is too. I must be Dr. Dolittle or something.  Anyway she blames me because when she does it, she turns around, looks at me then runs! It’s hysterical.  So you tell me: You are visiting me at my home, we are having a drink by my fireplace and chatting nice. The dog is by my side, the cat is on my lap. (BIG SOFA – but he HAS to sit ON me).  when all of a sudden a little “toot” happens, the dog looks at me and runs. Of course in a few seconds you are gifted with the scent of used Nutra-Max. Well, who did it?  1 point for the dog.

Oh yeah, relaxing…  Thats what I’m gonna do today.  Meanwhile asI wrote this I DID let the dog out, made coffee (DD the only coffee.)  emptied the dishwasher, put a load of laundry in the washer, and am chatting with a co-worker friend of mine about relationships. We’re both nuts. So have I relaxed yet?    uh… maybe.  I could be at work on a teleconference, or in a meeting, or yacking with the gals in the cafeteria. Tough call!

Well I am gonna get my butt out and go to the gym. then do my run.

Have a great Thanksgiving Everyone!   I’ll share that “fun” next week probably.  Remember – Thanksgiving is the ONLY holiday where:

  • No religous connection
  • No Gifts
  • no social or political connections
  • no  race or place of origin.
  • Just Thanks for what we have recieved throughout the year.
  • No excuse for not Thanking everyone.

Thank you for visiting my blog(s)  The folks at www.oscarstavern.wordpress.com  Will probably be giving away shots of Wild Turkey.  LOL

My best to you all.  And no farting! my dear dogs!

 Oh… watching for 2:57 is what i was doing at 2:56am this morning. I wrote a song in my head. Hopefully I will remember it and share it with you.




  1. The dog story cracks me up G. I love it. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! Enjoy! and get some rest!

  2. Is it possible there’s a Law & Order episode that hasn’t been seen? I’m sure I’ve seen them all at least twice.

    My dog never seemed to notice her farts much, except that one time when she scared herself, looked at her butt in dismay and took off for the other side of the room.

  3. Believe it or not There are Law and Orders I haven’t seen yet LOL

    Ah life is cozy when you can openly discuss dog flatulence!

    Happy Thanksgiving you guys!

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