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Good Ol’ Stuff

November 12, 2008


How are you today?  A friend of mine gave me a copy of the YES “Fragile” CD (album we called it) Boy, you forget how good a lot of stuff was/is.  For not hearing it in over 15 years, I remembered every note played. Funny I can remember that but not to call someone or to pick up something from the store. It was popular when I was a teen. I remember that album being played on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.  Back then the Swiss Bob was the “Cool” ride.  All the kids would hang by it because they played music REAL LOUD and lights flashed. It was fun and exciting.  The Dj would say over the speaker, “Do you wanna go faster? ” “Yeeeaaaahhh”  “OK…..aye yi yi yi yi yi yi yi faster and faster, then he’d scream, “its the SWWWWWISSSSSSBOOOOB…. then the red lights and strobes would flash and sirens would wail. You’d wait for that moment. Living near there as a child I spent a lot of time there. Its where I was introduced to a lot of music.  I remember when Creedence Clearwater Revival came out with the “Cosmo’s factory” album. That was played forever!  Lots of young kids would gather around the ride, watch the people ride, or wait to ride and just dig the music. Nobody fought, or was rude.  Just a big listening party! It really was a fun time.  A lot of my collection reminds me of Seaside.  All good.  Sad to say its atmosphere has changed, (or I’ve gotten older).  It doesn’t have the fun behind it. Now its just thrill rides and freaks.  I have a lot of great memories from the New Jersey shore.