Just Tuesday – Veterans Day, but Just Tuesday

November 11, 2008

 Hi!   How are you today?  Well lets get important stuff done first!  Happy Veteran’s Day!  Give thanks to those who fought for our freedom.  My dad was a veteran. I have many friends and relatives who were also.  Keep them in mind today!


well I did say I’d post some pictures from Florida so here are a few:


A Neat looking Guitar in a shop in Sarasota


Lido Beach


Whats with the one leg stuff?


Fun Rental car!

I’ll post more. Anyway, it was nice. Also inspiring. Time spent relaxing by the water gave me some more inspiration to write. Hopefully we’ll see what comes out of it.

A quick hello to Courtney http://courtneyryan369.wordpress.com/   Thanks for visiting!  Checkk her out!

Have a great day!




  1. Sigh…..the beach looks very inviting on this cold, rainy day in KY!

  2. Sue – Yes I agree. I understand its as warm if not warmer today! 😦 cold here in The NorthEast

  3. Love the beach photo G. And I always wonder about the one leg thing too. And I’m glad you went for the cool rental car!!

  4. the beach photo is my favorite too!

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