A New Beginning

November 6, 2008


Hey Everyone!   Back from vacation and wow what a week away, and at home. Guess you are all glad this election is over. The republican I am is sad my candidate lost, but hopeful for the future. Ok enough of that.

Enjoyed myself tremendously in Florida. It’s real nice. Well its always nice visiting.  Still prefer warmth and palm trees to cold and “colory” leaves that last a week.

Took lots of pictures which I wil post. will have to ask my buddy blogger Jen how to post multiple pics.


  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself, so many people come back from vacation miserable, or in need of another vacation!

    Thanks for stopping by and promoting Meleah! So far she’s in the lead…

  2. welcome home. glad the election is over

  3. Hi G. Glad you’re back. I missed you! We need to have lunch soon!

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