West and Wewaxation

October 27, 2008


Well tomorrow (10/28) I head down to Florida to visit the kiddies!  Haven’t seen them in months, Funny, usually the kids come to Florida to visit thier folks. In my world its reversed!  But thats ok. I DO enjoy warm weather. They live in the Sarasota area, and the forecast show pictures of sun all week!

I’ll take some pictures and post them during the week. Add some thoughts. May even try to write some music while I’m relaxing. (with the kids? – right) Who knows, I could be all around the World Series buzz!  Will try to regain my tan lines. Oh sure, I’ll share.  LOL

I’ll be back in time for the election!  Want my vote to count!  Again, learn about your candidates before you listen to popular chatter!   I enjoy this womans perspective: http://www.myperpetualsinglelife.blogspot.com/

So I’ll pack my bag and bring all of you in it!  Hey, no fighting, or are we there yet’s!   🙂

“What if What should be, was? ”  a new thought I have.

Thanks for dropping by and reading this lazy Blog entry!



  1. Oh please do have a fabulous time!

  2. another thought: “Imagine what you could do if you knew you could not fail.”

    It’s time to PLAY the strat again — not just move it from room to room . . .

    Have a great time in sunny Florida 🙂

    (and HB)

  3. I hope you wrote some music while you were away!

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