Fall. And other words that mean the end of Summer

October 20, 2008

Ok, So I’ll admit the fall colors are nice, the brisk days with the smell of fall air is nice. But the evenings are too cold.  Even for snuggling. Snuggling is good for a while but then it gets too hot. Know what I mean? Unless it goes to the other “hot”. Which IS good.  This is a good time to hike or walk.  Like Summer it seems to be too short. Never as short as Summer feels to me. Ok so I’ll be ok till the first really cold snap. Then I’ll be miserable. I love being outdoors.

Chopped up some firewood this past weekend. Have it ready for those cooler nights so I can cozy up to the fire. Unless I get the”other hot”, then we’ll worry if the flame is still there.

 So is Fall meaning the leaves “Fall?”  Like Spring is plants “Springing ” out of the ground?  How did we come up with Summer?  Hmmm.   I like it when the days are hot, sum mer hotter that others. I’ll go to Florida win ter weather gets cold.  Another thing to google.

Too cold for those Cialis advertizement bathtubs? That would be nice. Sit outside in a bath tub and stare at the leaves as they fall into the tub. Hey, I could stand up and look like Adam. But Hey, isn’t this what hot tubs are for? I’ll go for the hot tub. Plenty of room for both of us.

Actually touched the Black Stratocaster yesterday. Moved it from one room to another.




  1. I *love* the fall. The color of the leaves, the crisp air. The fireplaces….the cozy clothing. Not to mention really cool boots!

    ah yes. This is my favorite season.

  2. I love the fall too…but only til the leaves fall to the ground. Next time dont just move the guitar. play it! you need some inspiration!

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