Pretty Eyes

October 19, 2008


Hello there!  How are you. So I decided to drag out the old collection and work on it again.

This is one of my favorite songs I wrote.  The lyrics and tune just came to me all at one. Obviously inspired by a pretty lady’s eyes. I wrote it like, 15 years ago.


Pretty Eyes. Make me fall apart,

You’ve got pretty eyes.

The kind that see into my heart and make me realize.

There’s something here to start.

Pretty eyes, I can only take a glance

at your pretty eyes,

Because i become so entranced, kinda hypnotized,

In a spell I call romance.

You’re the only one who can render me with that mystical stare,

Its so hard for me to look back, ’cause it just becomes a dare,

There’s a certain kind of feeling that your eye’s can only see.

And I totally lose control, when your pretty eyes see me….

Pretty Eyes,

I see them in my dreams, your pretty eyes.

With a sparkle that always seems to make me fanticise,

That I can have you for my own with those pretty eyes.

Have you for my own with those pretty eyes. 

And always get this feeling that I do.



All music copyright Desert Static Music.


  1. me likes

  2. You are very talented!

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